My philosophy and goal is simple:  honesty.


I love a good story.  A story that is unique and that I haven't heard before.  When you invite me into your life that is what I hope to provide you with:  your real story.


If you believe that it’s the interactions and connections that you want captured then I would love to tell your story:  A story free from the distractions of the periphery elements of decor and elaborate poses and props.  Giving you instead a story that focuses on documenting you.  In your moment.  How you felt.  Your way.


So who is this for?

This is for the bride & groom that want their wedding day captured honestly and candidly.  This is for the couple who wants their bond and relationship frozen for a moment, capturing the way it really and truly felt at that time.  This is for the parents that want their newborn captured in a way that catches the way they looked in those fleeting & early days.  This is for anyone who values having a tangible way to look back and hold onto that particular piece of their story.

It’s honest.  It’s real.  It’s you.